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SEVEN. The Go Super Match. Shin Jinseo vs Park Junghwan16,80 €

The "Beautiful Treasure Island Namhae Shin Jinseo vs Park Junghwan Baduk Super Match" has been a highlight in the go world, not only in Korea but also worldwide. Korea's top two players, 1st ranked Shin Jinseo 9p and 2nd ranked Park Junghwan 9p, have been seeded to play a match of seven games. All of these games were played selected locations of the beautiful Namhae island, a county in South Gyeongsang Province. This event was characterized by the combination of scenic and cultural landmarks and the highest level of Korea's human Go players. With his 7-0 win against Park Junghwan in the Namhae Super Match Shin Jinseo established himself as the "Number One" in terms of rank and rating. This book tells the story of these seven games.


ISBN 978-3-940563-79-8, 132 pages, Gunnar Dickfeld
Art.No. BSV79

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