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Go-Books - Problems

Keep Fit! With the 5×5 Board14,90 €

Some people may think that the 5×5 board is just a reduced version of Go. Fukui Masaaki’s little creations show that much of what is complex and profound in Go can be found in the tight confines of the 5×5 board.


ISBN 978-3-940563-92-7, 130 pages, Fukui Masaaki
Art.No. BSV92

The Elephant in the Paddy. Tsumego in Pictures20,00 €

In this book you will experience Go problems from a very different angle. The creative and amusing pictures composed of black and white stones involve amazing life-and-death exercises. Their degree of difficulty reaches from very easy to highly advanced – for beginners and Dan-players, for children and adults.


ISBN 978-3-940563-71-2, 145 pages, Izumi Hase
Board N'Stones
Art.No. BSV71

How strong is your Go? Test Your Ranking in the Game of Go14,90 €

This book is both test and training. It helps you to assess your skill level and also to identify your strengths and weaknesses in the game of Go.
In a total of eight chapters, you are challenged to solve Go problems on time. With the help of the evaluation tables you can determine in which range of kyu and dan ranks you fit in.
In addition to the classification of the rank range, your results show you in which areas you are particularly strong and in which there still may be weaknesses.


--> ISBN 978-3-940563-80-4, 116 pages
Board N'Stones
Art.No. BSV80

The most difficult problem ever. Igo Hatsuyoron 12015,00 €

"The most difficult of all Go problems, created by Inoue Dosetsu Inseki (1646 - 1719), has still not been solved by professional Go players. Has the long-standing collaboration of three amateurs from Germany, and the United Kingdom, now found the answer?"

Bilingual: Deutsch/Englisch


ISBN 978-3-940563-18-7, 144 pages, Thomas Redecker
Brett und Stein Verlag
Art.No. BSV18

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