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Go-Books - Problems

The Elephant in the Paddy. Tsumego in Pictures20,00 €

In this book you will experience Go problems from a very different angle. The creative and amusing pictures composed of black and white stones involve amazing life-and-death exercises. Their degree of difficulty reaches from very easy to highly advanced – for beginners and Dan-players, for children and adults.


ISBN 978-3-940563-71-2, 145 pages, Izumi Hase
Board N'Stones
Art.No. BSV71

The most difficult problem ever. Igo Hatsuyoron 12015,00 €

"The most difficult of all Go problems, created by Inoue Dosetsu Inseki (1646 - 1719), has still not been solved by professional Go players. Has the long-standing collaboration of three amateurs from Germany, and the United Kingdom, now found the answer?"

Bilingual: Deutsch/Englisch


ISBN 978-3-940563-18-7, 144 pages, Thomas Redecker
Brett und Stein Verlag
Art.No. BSV18

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