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Go Problems | BOARD N'STONES

Go Problems

Go Stones Never Age19,90 €

"The best way for amateurs to learn how to become stronger is to improve their sense of fuseki, to develop their reading skills, and to have a clear understanding of life and death. This ability to read and understand life-and-death can be improved by memorizing the shapes of tsumego (alive, dead, and unconditional). This is a great advantage in short games such as tournaments, and can bring you closer to the top class of amateurs." Go Seigen


Go Seigen
ISBN 978-3-98794-007-1, 204 pages
Art.No. BNS007
Cover of 'Go Stones Never Age' by Go Seigen

A Step A Day To Improve19,90 €

This book is the second volume of Go Seigen‘s Tsumego Collection, again a brilliant selection of 200 problems, each and every containing amazing tesuji and surprising moves. When you come to think you have the right answer, you will have to read it again just to be sure, much like you did in the previous volume.


Go Seigen
ISBN 978-3-98794-008-8, 204 pages
Art.No. BNS008
Cover of 'A Step A Day To Improve' by Go Seigen

Banri Ikku24,90 €

Ohashi Hirofumi was ten years old when he first got hands on Hatsuyoron, Dosetsu Inseki Inoue’s famous problem collection. When he looked at the problems inside, it was as if a current of electricity ran through him; the originality of the shapes and the vividness of the move sequences born from them felt like an explosion of art. From that day, composing go problems has been an integral part of Ohashi‘s life.


Ohashi Hirofumi
ISBN 978-3-98794-009-5, 292 pages
Art.No. BNS009
Cover of 'Banri Ikku' by Ohashi Hirofumi

180 Tsumego13,90 €

What is the most important skill in Go?
It is the ability to calculate variations. In the middle game, about eighty percent is reading power, the rest is intuition. To improve your reading, it is essential to practice life-and-death problems.


Gunnar Dickfeld
ISBN 978-3-98794-017-0, 187 pages
Art.No. BNS017
Cover of '180 Tsumego' by Gunnar Dickfeld

Keep Fit!14,90 €

Some people may think that the 5×5 board is just a reduced version of Go. Fukui Masaaki’s little creations show that much of what is complex and profound in Go can be found in the tight confines of the 5×5 board. The problems cover endgame moves, aspects of life and death, attacking and defending, judgments based on calculating territory, the presence or absence of ko threats, and even things pertaining to the realm of middle game fighting.


Fukui Masaaki
ISBN 978-3-940563-92-7, 126 pages
Art.No. BSV92
Cover of 'Keep Fit!' by Fukui Masaaki

The Elephant in the Paddy20,00 €

How do you catch an elephant? Can a question mark live? What is the relation between Go and music? And have you ever played Go in a paddy field?


Izumi Hase
ISBN 978-3-940563-71-2, 145 pages
Art.No. BSV71
Cover of 'The Elephant in the Paddy' by Izumi Hase

How strong is your go?14,90 €

This book is both test and training. It will not only help you to assess your skill level, but also to identify your strengths and weaknesses in the game of Go.


ISBN 978-3-940563-80-4, 116 pages
Art.No. BSV80
Cover of 'How strong is your go?' by

The most difficult problem ever15,00 €

The most difficult of all Go problems, created by Inoue Dosetsu Inseki (1646 - 1719), has still not been solved by professional Go players. Has the long-standing collaboration of three amateurs from Germany, and the United Kingdom, now found the answer?"


Thomas Redecker
ISBN 978-3-940563-18-7, 144 pages
Art.No. BSV18
Cover of 'The most difficult problem ever' by Thomas Redecker

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