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The Thirty-Six Stratagems by Dai Junfu | BOARD N'STONES Cover of the book 'The Thirty-Six Stratagems' by Dai Junfu

The Thirty-Six Stratagems

Tactics and Stratagies in the game of Go

Dai Junfu

The "Thirty-Six Stratagems" is a widely known book in China, being a concise summary of military tactics and strategies. Many of these ideas can also be found in the game of Go.

By illustrating tactics used in warfare with examples from Go games, the book is of great value to the Western reader. Dai Junfu’s choice of board positions includes his own games played against top European players, as well as top professional games from Asia and Europe. The explanations given in the book are interesting and accessible to players of all levels.
The Thirty-Six Stratagems was published as a series in the European Go Journal and was highly appreciated by its readers, many of whom considered it their favourite chapter.

Please find here the [SGFs of all games] in the book as a rar-file.

ISBN 978-3-98794-000-2, 206 pages
Art.No. BNS000

Cover: [stonedonthegoban]

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