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500 Go Problems by Gunnar Dickfeld | BOARD N'STONES Cover of the book '500 Go Problems' by Gunnar Dickfeld

500 Go Problems

Are your ready for Orange?

Gunnar Dickfeld

Orange, the color of this volume, is the fire of enthusiasm that has now seized the student. He wants to develop and evolve. The student reaches this level quickly. Now, the basic techniques are adopted in the game while the flow of the game becomes much more fluid. The student starts to play on the 19×19 board, and his behavior becomes visibly calmer. The way is prepared.

The exercises are arranged in sets of six questions per page covering various aspects of basic understanding and techniques. The answers in this exercise book are mostly one-move answers, partially three moves should be marked in the diagram. As in the white and yellow book, repetitions and variations of a technique are frequently used. Towards the end, exercises and techniques are somewhat mixed to increase the level of difficulty.

ISBN 978-3-98794-003-3, 130 pages
Art.No. BNS003

Cover: [stonedonthegoban]

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