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Black to Play (5Kyu - 1Kyu) by Gunnar Dickfeld | BOARD N'STONES Cover of the book 'Black to Play (5Kyu - 1Kyu)' by Gunnar Dickfeld

Black to Play (5Kyu - 1Kyu)

Train the Basics of Go

Gunnar Dickfeld

This book is the last in the series "Black to Play", which will accompany you on the way to Shodan, the first master rank. The level of difficulty of the problems is accordingly challenging. In addition, there is now a larger proportion of problems that involve the entire board of the game. Hence you do not train solving local problems only, but also apply various topics such as life, capturing races etc. in exemplary game situations.

ISBN 978-3-940563-77-4, 162 pages
Art.No. BSV77

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