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Black to Play (15Kyu - 10Kyu) by Gunnar Dickfeld | BOARD N'STONES Cover of the book 'Black to Play (15Kyu - 10Kyu)' by Gunnar Dickfeld

Black to Play (15Kyu - 10Kyu)

Train the Basics of Go

Gunnar Dickfeld

This workbook is dedicated to players who would like deepen their understanding of the game. The exercises are limited to the most important topic: opening, capturing races, Life and Death, tesuji, invasions and endgame. You will train your perception of local positions and improve your skills for actual games accordingly.

(Please note the different ISBN outside Europe: 978-3-98794-074-3)

ISBN 978-3-940563-75-0, 144 pages
Art.No. BSV75

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