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Black to Play!

Train the Basics of Go (15Kyu - 10Kyu)

Gunnar Dickfeld

The Game of Go is one of the most fascinating games ever. Despite the fact that Go can be regarded as a complex and mysterious game, its rules are nevertheless very simple. Learning the basic rules requires only a few minutes. The simple and non-restrictive rules provide freedom of choice, and allow a wide range of possibilities and combinations.

This workbook is dedicated to players who would like deepen their understanding of the game. The exercises are limited to the most important topic: opening, capturing races, Life and Death, tesuji, invasions and endgame. You will train your perception of local positions and improve your skills for actual games accordingly.

ISBN 978-3-940563-75-0, EUR 12,50, 144 pages, 2019

This book is also available as SmartGo Book in English, German and French:


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