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500 Go Problems by Gunnar Dickfeld | BOARD N'STONES Cover of the book '500 Go Problems' by Gunnar Dickfeld

500 Go Problems

Are your ready for Yellow?

Gunnar Dickfeld

This volume, the yellow one, stands in the sign of the sun, the light and warmth, and growth. These characteristics accompany now the path of the go player. This level is usually reached very quickly, and the student may move on to the 13×13 board. Still, the progress of learning is sluggish and not very creative. The student absorbs the training of technique, but the implementation still causes difficulties. At this point, the bounce rate in Go is the highest.

The exercises are arranged in sets of six questions per page covering various aspects of basic understanding and techniques. Each set is provided with a hint or concrete task to solve the exercise. The answers in this exercise book are either one-move answers or require markings of points on the board. As in the white book, repetitions and variations can deepen one’s understanding of good technique. Feel free to skip these exercises if you feel like these have become too easy for you.

ISBN 978-3-98794-002-6, 130 pages
Art.No. BNS002

Cover: [stonedonthegoban]

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