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Black to Play!

Train the Basics of Go (20Kyu - 15Kyu)

Gunnar Dickfeld

The Game of Go is one of the most fascinating games ever. Despite the fact that Go can be regarded as a complex and mysterious game, its rules are nevertheless very simple. Learning the basic rules requires only a few minutes. The simple and non-restrictive rules provide freedom of choice, and allow a wide range of possibilities and combinations.

This workbook is dedicated to players who have taken the first hurdles and now want to step into the game seriously. The exercises cover almost all important topics: starting with capturing stones and semeai, via tesuji, life and death, and finally the endgame. This book provides you with exercises to train your focus on local positions and to improve your strength.

The degree of difficulty of the exercises within each chapter varies from easy to challenging. If you cannot find a solution to one or the other exercise don't give up hope. This is intended as the same problem may be child's play to one reader and pretty tough for the other. Every go player develops himself and his skills differently. If you really can't solve a problem, take my advice and drop it for the time being. The problem will "ripe" in the back of your mind. Grant yourself a second round for repetition and consolidation of the exercises solved at the first go and a second try on the ones not yet solved.

ISBN 978-3-940563-74-3, EUR 12,50, 144 pages, 2015

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